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What if the First Lady of the United States became seriously depressed? Whom could she trust? How could she receive help without the press finding out.
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For every one medical practitioner who lauds the drugs, it seems there is another who believes it is dangerously addictive and over-prescribed.

Pre-Prozac, the diagnosis and treatment of depression was a taboo subject for many — dominated by frightening images of electro-convulsive therapy. The sheer ubiquity of the drug — and the scale of the debate around it — has presaged a new era of insight into and analysis. If holistic medicine was the greatest casualty of widespread Prozac use, has that much-maligned treatment area a place in a Prozac-sceptical world? What is clear with the continuing debate about the role of pharmaceuticals in the treatment and management of depression is that herbal remedies once blown out of the water by Prozac are staging a comeback.

Even the placebo effect of taking a remedy can help people. Twenty five years into Prozac and it can appear we are no wiser to the drug.

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But from the initial evangelical fervour to the now more robust scepticism about the drug, we have travelled a great way. If any consensus can be reached it is that Prozac has as many fans as it has enemies.


After 25 years, has Prozac outlived its usefulness? Despite celebrating its 25th anniversary, Prozac still divides opinions Tue, Apr 30, , Brian Boyd. More from The Irish Times Health. Traumatic Brain Injury. Treating Depression. Youth Suicide. Mental Illness Medication Debate. Mental Health Insurance. Treating Anxiety. Childhood Depression.

Boys' Emotional Needs. Mental Illness.

Mormon Women, Prozac and Therapy

Teenage Suicide. Biology Invades Psychology. The Mentally Ill. Mental Health Care Reappraisal.

Mental Health Care. Brain Research. Emotionally Disturbed Children.

Why Antidepressants Kill Your Sex Drive - And What To Do About It

Mental Depression. One supplier, Resource Medical, said it had been struggling to find a manufacturer for the UK market, adding that it had recently decided not to renew its Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency licence. A shortage of the Themex products FemSeven Conti and Sequi has been caused by quality issues with the adhesive that keeps the patches attached to the skin. It said that the products are unlikely to be back in stock until next year and that it was unable to suggest alternatives.

These patients should not be issued with a repeat prescription during this period. However, GPs said they were concerned at the extra workload required to contact all patients on the antidepressant. Professor Azeem Majeed, head of primary care at Imperial College London, told Pulse: 'Contacting patients would be a lot of work for practices as fluoxetine is a commonly-prescribed drug.

Prozac: It's brought relief to millions but is linked to suicide, low libido and birth defects

In another letter sent out the same day, GPs were also informed that certain tablets of the hormone therapy drug Provera will be out of stock until the 8 November. The pills contain progesterone and are used to regulate menstruation, and to treat breast, womb and kidney cancers. The crisis has caused more than half of HRT drugs to go out of stock. Some women have been forced into buying HRT medication from abroad as it is now almost impossible to get in Britain.

Supplies of blood pressure pills, painkillers and epilepsy treatments have all been affected in recent months. It means pharmacists are regularly having to send patients back to their GP to get a different prescription because they are unable to fill them.

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A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: 'We are aware of an issue with fluoxetine capsules from two UK manufacturers. However, supplies of alternative presentations of fluoxetine remain available from a number of manufacturers including the brand Prozac. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share.