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What They Don't Tell You In Beauty School: Starting Your Career spent on them in school, but after 8 years in this industry, I don't resent that.
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I am very lucky to have many friends who are licensed and successful in the beauty industry, and I would like to tell you about my friend, Molly.

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Molly owns a successful salon. She also has a full clientele and often refers new clients to other stylists. She has built her business from the ground up and continues to improve her skills through continuing education sounds perfect, right? But, let me take you back a few years to where she started…. Molly was home schooled and finished high school at 16 years old, she enrolled in beauty school at the age of This was She got her license in after attending school full time and finishing in about a year.

She accepted a full time position at a national chain salon and stayed there for about a year and a half. During this time, she was able to hone her skills, practice on speed, and start building her clientele.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To Beauty School

She LOVED what she did, but she also realized that she was only really going to be happy in this industry when she could be her own boss. When she left the chain salon she decided to take a paid apprenticeship so she could further her skills and knowledge. Molly was willing to pay her dues. She accepted a position in a salon that was commission based. So, unlike a position that she was paid for hourly, she was now paid for the services she was providing. The salon was a full service salon that was locally owned and operated.

She very soon realized that if she was not seeing clients…she was not getting paid. Although she had a fair amount of walk in clientele and clients who followed her from past jobs, she was not busy all the time. We all have places that we frequent on a regular basis and probably recognize the people who work there.

So, I started handing out business cards everywhere I went on a regular basis. And, in the beginning I would offer a discount on the back of the card! When I was waiting on my coffee…. I gave a card to the barista. She brought in a huge amount of business to the salon and found that within a year she was fully booked. Ask any stylist…they will tell you that the best place to be is the place where you cannot accept any more clientele.

When Molly got to this point…this is when she took the final leap. Molly opened Castle Salon in and never looked back.

She now makes her own schedule and she is her own boss. And I am happy to report that she is thriving and her salon business grows every year. Is this the plan to success? Yes, it really is.

But, I have to tell you what made it all work…And that is the person that Molly is. She exudes positivity and truly cares about her profession. When you radiate positivity the way she does…. If you make your clients a number one priority and treat them well…they will remain loyal.

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She is dedicated to her profession and to always getting better. And treat everyone you meet like they are a potential client! As you start your career, take the steps Molly did. Start small and grow. Be willing to learn. Be willing to work hard. You can own your own business; you can be your own boss. Just remember that everyone has to start somewhere, all stylists have to grow their clientele.

But, if you have drive and passion for this industry…the sky is the limit.

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She is passionate about all things beauty and loves helping students navigate their cosmetology careers! Sara also organizes and plans student events, develops industry partnerships for guest educators to bring their knowledge to Empire, and is extremely active with her campus philanthropy.

Hi Jed!!! I would highly stress the use of social media. Making an account dedicated to your salon business will help drive more clients your way. Instagram is great tool to show off your work and to follow other professionals. The more you get your name out there…the bigger your business can grow!! Best of luck!!! I graduated 15 plus years ago!

Is this service no longer available? How do you now handle recent grads finding work? Is there still a way you enlist your selves in helping an graduate find a job at any point in their career similar to back when I too graduated from empire? We only launched it in Pennsylvania right now but in the next couple of weeks we will be launching it everywhere.

How long do I have to get my cosmetology license after graduating?

I graduated from cosmetology school 8 years ago. I took the theory portion twice and my practical one time but did not pass the practical exam. If you are a passionate, outgoing and dedicated individual who wants to create your own future and happiness, beauty school could be the perfect place for you. We know that a roadblock many aspiring beauty pros face is push back from their family and friends about their career choice. How do you feel when you get an amazing haircut, a relaxing facial, or a beautiful makeup application? Is it refreshing and exciting?

Does it make you feel like a brand new person? Imagine being the person who makes others feel this way. One of the most rewarding feelings as a beauty professional is seeing the difference you make for your clients. Many people in the beauty industry were once healers and givers in the past.

5 Career Paths After Cosmetology School

You can also make changes worldwide. A featured former student from our school by the name of SharaLee has been making a difference across countries by teaching women in Nigeria the cosmetology trade in efforts to help them learn and provide for their families. Family members glow with pride when a young adult is rewarded for their forward thinking, innovation and bright mind. The beauty industry is an area that rewards people who are ready to take a chance and make a change by doing something different!

Balayage, ombre and unicorn hair.

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These are all examples of trends in the beauty industry that have taken the world by storm. Who do you think pioneered such trends? The pros behind these jaw-dropping styles work in the industry every day. Do you want to be a hairstylist, a colorist, a product specialist or something completely new? A career in beauty can take you to high-end salons or stages with bright lights.

Possibly across the world via social media or a plane ride! Check out our Career Dreams series , and check out the list below. The future is wide open for licensed beauty pros. The career outcomes can be just as creative as the work itself.